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Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce carbon emissions by manufacturing emission control products that focuses on quality, innovation, and design. We seek to conduct our businesses with the highest standards and adhere to the latest social and environmental policies.


Vision Statement

Expand our business and reputation of manufacturing products of the highest quality, innovation, and value.


Manufacturing Principles

People: Our designers, engineers, fabricators, and support staff are committed to producing the most innovative, efficient and affordable product for our customers.  Our understanding of the market, regulations and laws, and emerging trends allows us to provide the best product on the market.

Process: We use the latest technologies and a streamlined process to build high quality products while reducing unnecessary costs.  Our goal is to be as efficient and error free as possible. Constant quality checks throughout the manufacturing process minimizes the possibility of defects and complications for an installer.

Product: We take pride in our products and are committed to making the most affordable and highest quality converters. Through a process called spin forming, we are able to make converters that are significantly less prone to defects than standard aftermarket catalytic converters. Spin forming allows us to make converters with no seams, which minimizes the chances of exhaust leaks. This also allows us to make our products as compact as possible, use less material, and reduce warehouse and storage space.